Woodland Matters

The Woodland Trust was recently approached by documentary film maker Robert Stern. He is currently filming with Ben Law, Grand Design’s most popular self builder who wowed and amazed millions with the way he harmoniously synced his life with his woodland surroundings. He wanted to share his story and plans for future work with Ben and put out an invitation for you to be part of their project. Robert takes up the woodland tale …..

“Early last year, after a day’s filming a TV feature in Prickly Nut Wood, Ben Law and I retired to his local pub for a pint and a chat. Like anyone who meets him, and any of the millions of viewers who’ve seen him on Grand Designs all-time most popular episode, I found Ben to be delightful company – warm, humorous and humble, but at the same time inspirational.

As someone with a passion for sustainability, I was astonished by the depth…

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