It’s Wednesday again – already! I’m so glad that Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW) has given me an extra reason to remember what day it is, plus a good excuse to blog at the same time.

I seem to be tuned in to Small Footprints somehow because last week, which was manic at work and at home, I suddenly noticed that I’d missed the week’s #CTWW challenge. Imagine my smile though when I did go to see what I’d missed and realised that I’d actually already done it!

Earlier in the week I happened to have a bit of a go at my DVD cabinet one evening, passing on a few films to a friend who hadn’t seen them and keeping a small pile back for the charity bag. Mostly this was because I wanted to use a shelf for a few coffee-table type books, as it’s near to a comfortable chair. But feeling motivated by a good job done, I looked a little more closely around my house and before I knew it I had a small pile of suitcases and travel bags that I’d forgotten I even owned, and – fairly sure I will never need 7 different suitcases and 3 laptop bags – got to add those to the bag as well 🙂 Then I felt compelled to fill it up a bit and so in went some clean unused linen and some winter scarves (still pretty useful here in the UK even though it’s April) – and a pretty quickly a decent charity donation was created!

It’s been a bit of a Change The World Week recently. I’ve been busy keeping up with national curriculum changes ( and the ‘nature’ theme continues tonight in a meeting to prepare for a public meeting based on ‘Your Environment’ in my local town. I’m part of a small, community-led group and the aim of our public meetings is to share resident’s views about our town with agencies and services like the Council… but the side plan for this upcoming meeting is to help local people understand how they can help change their environment, and not rely on the Council or ‘someone’ to improve things.

It’s funny how this fits so well with my own philosophy, something I often find myself thinking when talking to people who say ‘well done’ or ‘you’re so good to be involved’ when I mention some of the groups or events I’m part of:  if you ever think “someone should do something about that“, why can’t that someone be you

I think this relates to so many things, from taking part in government consultations to getting involved in practical action in the community. And CTWW is certainly going to help me link my unofficial motto to my reality. I haven’t seen this week’s challenge yet, but thanks to Small and the CTWW gang for keeping me on the greener tracks. It must be eco-ESP I’m getting from you guys across the pond or something!