Woodland Matters

The Woodland Trust was recently approached by documentary film maker Robert Stern. He is currently filming with Ben Law, Grand Design’s most popular self builder who wowed and amazed millions with the way he harmoniously synced his life with his woodland surroundings. He wanted to share his story and plans for future work with Ben and put out an invitation for you to be part of their project. Robert takes up the woodland tale …..

“Early last year, after a day’s filming a TV feature in Prickly Nut Wood, Ben Law and I retired to his local pub for a pint and a chat. Like anyone who meets him, and any of the millions of viewers who’ve seen him on Grand Designs all-time most popular episode, I found Ben to be delightful company – warm, humorous and humble, but at the same time inspirational.

As someone with a passion for sustainability, I was astonished by the depth…

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It’s Wednesday, so I thought I would take up a Change The World Wednesday (#CTWW) challenge. This is a new thing to me, having stumbled across Small Footprints Cyndi and her Reduce Footprints blog a couple of evenings ago, but catching up with #CTWW on Twitter today I felt really inspired to be a part of things too. Each week a new challenge is set, this time  it was to “walk with purpose” and pay close attention to how we could make that walk work for the environment.  (I think I’m actually a week late on this, but hey)

It was coming up to lunchtime when I read the challenge, and it motivated me to get out of the office and do a bit walking. What purpose could I have?  I decided that instead of wandering aimlessly through the town and ending up in the supermarket, to go straight to the independent Health Store and pick up some more diary-free parmesan which I’ve run out of and buy some vitamins while I was at it – both things I have been meaning to do for ages.  I’d also to say ‘Hello’ to everyone I passed, share a smile with a stranger or two.

However, best laid plans – just as I got out of the building my husband called and by the time we were finished nattering I was practically in town! Too many people to say Hi to at once! So I settled with a chat with the Health Store man and being a good ethical consumer with some vegan and natural purchases. On the way back to the office though, I realised there was no need to abandon Small’s challenge.  As I tramped back up the hill, I would look for signs of spring.

My walk from the office and back is hardly pleasant, on a very busy road with several industrial buildings and not much green to enjoy.  But today, with me actively looking out for signs of the changing season it was great! All the trees I passed are starting to bud, which always makes me smile.  I love nature and as a treehugger am always watching how our trees are doing, but this time I made a concentrated effort to also check out verges and hedgerows as well as the budding branches. And look at what I saw!

Crocii (or is it crocuses) outside the Fun Farm

Crocii (or is it crocuses) outside the Fun Farm

My first crocuses (crocii?). What a beautiful, happy colour they are.  So thanks Cyndi and everyone who is part of #CTWW for making me notice what is happening around me. And helping me feel part of something special this lunchtime. This is my first blog post, and I’m not sure how regularly I will posting now I’ve started, but with challenges like this to keep me inspired perhaps it’ll be more than I expect – watch this space!

maybe I will blog about being a vegan-ish treehugger…. 😀